I thought I heard about Rocket.net on Wpbuilds but not not sure. Anyway that's what I told them when I signed up. Lol. They kicked but. Transferred 11 website over within a couple hours of signing up. A couple hiccups but support was super fast.

Never tried doing any affiliate services. Trying out affiliatewp. Really easy to set up and integrates nicely with woocommerce.

Was thinking about playing around with my own instance of Mastadon. I almost bought shitter.social 😄 I had way too much caffeine today. Sorry if my posts are bugging. Who am I kidding, there's probably 1 or 2 people reading this anyway, lol

I busted my phone (Note 20 Ultra). I usually start fresh install, but this time let Samsung Smart Switch handle it. Haven't done that before or with Google for several years. I have to say it went as seamless as it does back when I had an iphone.

Here I go again, 30+ tabs open in the browser. 🙄

What's everyone's fav mastadon app for windows desktop?

SquidHub acquired by Hive. hive.com/squidhub/ what a year. Everything is getting bought up.

If you do webdev work and haven't tried Hoverify, you need to tryhoverify.com totally worth it.

Saw I was getting a charge on my card for $29 for Companyhub via paddle. I have a LTD for company hub so not sure why the charge. Long story short, it's for my Integrately account. Apparently a sister product of Companyhub.

You ever been in front of monitor too long where you literally can't see straight for hours afterwards? Yeah one of those days.

Not really liking the placement of the update icon next to the delete icon in the latest Google play store update. The screen when you want to toggle which apps you want updated. Already once I tapped the trash icon by mistake and deleted 5 apps I wanted to update

Kind of liking mastadon more than I thought.

My friend goes on walks and takes pics of animals he sees. I take those pics, animate them and tell lame jokes with them. Here's an example

I'm using Marquiz on my coffee site. Anyone recommend a WordPress plugin that does similar?

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