with all the wildfires in BC (where I am) I've been stuck in my basement to get away from the smoke.
Did a bunch of work on a website I've been poking for a while, WP After Party. Check it out folks and let me know what you think: wpafterparty.com

Usually I might go back and forth a bit to get the issue resolved but it was a long weekend and I had company that I needed to visit with.
So long story short, the migration to GridPane worked fine and now I'm moving everything from Cloudways to GridPane :)

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Total craziness, I built a site on SiteGround but decided that I wanted to move it to Cloudways since I want to start moving all my sites to a cloud server.
After doing the migration 3 times and getting missing data like member accounts and plugin settings, I contacted Cloudways support. Since they use the Vaultpress tool, they passed me off to Vaultpress support who just flatly told me that "the logs say that everything was transferred".

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