Wow. Can't believe I've been absent without leave from here for 5 months. Doesn't feel that long. I swear we'll blink and it'll be 2023...

Rediscovering Firefox after probably 13 years and because of the multi account containers plug-in mentioned in this weeks WPBuilds podcast. It’s really quite nice!

Some interesting and long awaited features (especially around payments) in the Fluent Forms update that’s just dropped. I can make a few sites a fair bit more lightweight with this…

Challenge this Bank Holiday is to play with OxyWireframe and see what impact it would have on my workflow, and I’m very happy about it. So rock and roll! (Very long) Gone are the days of festivals and partying for the long weekend… 😂

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This Week in WordPress #175

This week's WordPress news for the week commencing 16th August 2021

XSS vulnerability in SEOPress that allows site takeovers. Fixed in version 5.0.4 - make sure you’re up-to-date!

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242 – ‘Q’ is for Quibbles

It’s another A-Z of WordPress. The series where we attempt to cover all the major aspects of building and maintaining sites with WordPress. Today is for Q for Quibble, which is a slight objection or criticism about a trivi…

iThemes Security have released this week’s WP plugin vulnerability report - view it here:

Have added some anti-spam rules to Fluent Forms contact forms on a number of sites. If the messages contain the word “perjury” or “DeadLinkSearch” or “TERMINATE YOUR DOMAIN” or a few other choice phrases… Then don’t allow submission and display “Sorry, you cannot submit spam”. A lot more professional and polite than I feel like being for sure! This should hopefully stop a few people who are getting past other methods…

PatchStack have released their early August 2021 patch vulnerabilities update. Check your used plugins here:

Giving the Tootle iOS app a whirl as the official Mastodon app doesn’t support the wider federated timeline…

Rebuilding my starter sites from scratch with a slightly updated stack. Having issues finding a replacement for Safe SVG though, and it seems to do something strange to some backups - including those with Blog Vault. Hmmmm….

For those that haven't seen it - PatchStack updated their monthly vulnerability list for plugins for July 2021 yesterday - view at

@nathan This is rather interesting... Thought I'd come and join after hearing about it on the WPBuilds podcast.. I'm all for smaller, decentralised social media targeted to specific interest groups. I hate that FB Groups have replaced forums! But it's only going to work if we all join in - so here I am! :)

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