@elliot If I forget to reply, don't think badly of me, just pester me!!!!

@elliot it's pretty quiet here right now, so if you think of a way to warm it up... Let me know!

@derin Nice to meet you too. It's pretty quiet in here, but you never know right!

Those of you interested in FSE (Full Site Editing) might be interested in this podcast I recorded with Anne McCarthy about what’s coming and how you can keep updated and even get involved!

@taco Nice to have you around. I suspect that it's going to be difficult to detach people from FB, but you never know unless you try right?

I'm curious about what you make of this. It's a new add-on to AffiliateWP. They have a premium plugin to make their UI better. Seems like you'd kinda want this as standard? affiliatewp.com/new-affiliate-

Anyone like stickers for their company. They are on offer over at Sticker Mule. $19 for 50, down from $64. stickermule.com/deals

FYI, we go LIVE every Monday at 2pm UK time with “This Week in WordPress”. wpbuilds.com/live I’m with Paul Lacey, Michelle Frechette and Tim Nash in about 45 mins!

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