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It's unbelievable what you can build with just 4 blocks! See what's possible with @GenerateBlocks@twitter.com and @GeneratePress@twitter.com

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Six months ago we featured the Infinite Uploads plugin... 233 – Store your Media Library in the cloud with the Infinite Uploads plugin

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If you missed @tiffany@twitter.com on @wpbuilds@twitter.com The Week in WordPress yesterday, you can catch the replay here!


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This Week in WordPress #188

This week's WordPress news for the week commencing Monday 29th November 2021 bit.ly/3pvf4HP

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Anyone want a sneak peek of my new web app? 👀 It's designed to help generate the theme.json file for block themes. 🚀🙂

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The original default theme - Kubrick.

Retweet if this was the first theme you saw when you installed WordPress.


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It was a pleasure to be on WP Builds this morning. Thank you to Nathan @wpbuilds@twitter.com for having me!

For the record the Ghost (Traitor) @paullacey_dgtl@twitter.com managed to work his way into the show again. Wonder how that happened!

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Three years ago today I was in Nashville for . It was the day was officially released as a core component of 5.0. It also the day that James from @wpmudev@twitter.com & Trey from @goGreenGeeks@twitter.com believed enough to help me launch @aBigOrangeHeart@twitter.com by helping to fund 🧡

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WP Builds has just started streaming LIVE. Please join us for some for some WordPress goodness on our LIVE page at - wpbuilds.com/live - See you there!

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Community building is more commitment than a marketing tactic. It’s about showing up most days, adding valuable content and conversations, and engaging without leaving anyone behind even if they have nothing to offer you. Transcend the audience building mindset. It’s community.

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New episode of the WP Tavern Jukebox podcast with Birgit Pauli-Haack, Marcus Kazmierczak and Zack Krida, all about that’s coming in WordPress 5.9 and what the Openverse project is all about! We cover a LOT of ground! bit.ly/3plOEYP

257 – WordPress Business Bootcamp – Series 1 / Episode 1

In this brand new, and huge series of podcast episodes we try to re-learn everything that we know about running a WordPress website business. We start from the idea that we've got our first p…

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For folks who participate in open source projects—what drew you to contribute in the first place? And what keeps you contributing?

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This Week in WordPress #187

This week's WordPress news for the week commencing 22nd November 2021 bit.ly/3I45V1e

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