@nathan I've been using WordPress for about 10-11 years now, since I was about 15-16 (when I built my first website).

I started doing some freelance work during my final year at University (2016), which then turned into my full-time job.

I then launched my WordPress maintenance business (RelyWP) in March 2019, which has been doing pretty well.

I also started developing the "Coupon Affiliates" plugin a few years ago, which has been gaining lots of traction the past few months.

@nathan Sure thing.

The plugin is called Coupon Affiliates.

It's an affiliate plugin for WooCommerce, but works slightly different to other affiliate plugins, in that it's based around coupons. You create the coupon(s) for the affiliate user, and an affiliate dashboard is created for each coupon, for them to track their stats, sales, commission etc, and create referral URLs which automatically apply the coupon.

For more info feel free to check out the plugin website: couponaffiliates.com

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