246 – Building your own social network with the Friends plugin

So you love Facebook and you hate Facebook, you love Twitter and you hate Twitter. You love... You get the idea! If you're anything like me you have at times questioned how much time yo…

@nathan The future is fragmented - like Mastodon, like the Friends plugin… With that brings some great security benefits by reducing the amount of data at risk, but also some risks as there’s less resources (time, knowledge and money) for those smaller installs. Still an interesting area though. Plus I’m a dinosaur that harks back to the days of forums! (And my “first” “social networks” were BBS’s and Newsgroups in the 90’s!

@iain I really like the idea of this solution as well as Mastadon. I love the whole federated concept.

@nathan Federation is awesome as an idea, and again going back to the days of BBS’s and the likes of FidoNet, the idea has been around for a long time. More and more people will start to be exposed to it in the business world too, with federation from companies like Microsoft being a solid tech. But for us, the power of it in smaller, more distributed hands is fantastic. :)

@iain Yeah, for me it's about gathering a community (or being in another community) where people are of the same mind. That community is for that things / topic. Not the FB model where it tries to be a community for all-the-things.

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