Elementor launches new big production campaign highlighting “web creators”. Looks to be a commercial on par with Webflow or Squarespace. 🧐

Is this their first step towards autonomy from ?

Check out the signup and some downloadable goodies at


@nathan Working with my first "client" (they're graciously allowing me to mess around with an established website). I want to migrate it to a Gutenberg-based theme (bare bones as possible) in readiness for FSE, because it needs to be as bomb-proof as possible from a maintenance point of view and not attract annual fees (low margin profit). However, for my design proposal, it was so easy to chuck up a Hello/Elementor site. Wondering whether it's actually more future-proof, despite the Pro fee.

@KateNikki I think that at this point the whole Gutenberg / FSE project is so in-flux, if you wanted it to be easy to maintain, I'd go with a Page Builder.

@nathan Fair point. I’ll keep messing with the Gutenberg plugin on the side.

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