Silly, I know, but this year I've found I'm more excited about and publishing on the open web than I've ever been. I'm almost giddy with optimism for the year ahead!

6 months ago was all about Patchstack... 239 – Use Patchstack to keep your WordPress website safe

Six months ago we were droning on about Open Source... What are companies actually acquiring within Open Source?

One year ago it was all about grammar! #211 – "Its importent to get you’re grammer write; and ProWritingAid Will help with that," >

There is just SO MUCH happening in at the start of 2022. I don't remember it being this busy at the start of the year before. It's actually quite exciting!

Six months ago, it was all about WS Form: 237 – Why WS Form might be the form plugin you’ll try next


Took me some time to put this together, but here is my little surprise for the end of the year…

A Year in WordPress Core — 2021 ♥️

I hope you'll enjoy those figures 📊


We did this 6 months ago, all about the WordPress numbers: 236 – ‘N’ is for Numbers

Six months ago it was all about newsletters in Gutenberg!!! 235 – Use Newsletter Glue to create great emails… with Blocks!

A year ago David and I were just starting on our A-Z series... 210 – ‘A’ is for Appointments ▸

One year ago it was all about getting feedback... 209 – Get meaningful feedback about your product or service >

Six months ago we featured the Infinite Uploads plugin... 233 – Store your Media Library in the cloud with the Infinite Uploads plugin


Anyone want a sneak peek of my new web app? 👀 It's designed to help generate the theme.json file for block themes. 🚀🙂



The original default theme - Kubrick.

Retweet if this was the first theme you saw when you installed WordPress.



Three years ago today I was in Nashville for . It was the day was officially released as a core component of 5.0. It also the day that James from & Trey from believed enough to help me launch by helping to fund 🧡


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