In case you missed it earlier this week... This Week in WordPress #179 ▸

Six months ago we were droning on about Gutenberg. I wonder what's changed? ‘G’ is for Gutenberg >

You heard it here 4th, maybe 9th, who cares, this is HUGE news Sandhills Development are joining Awesome Motive. So that's EDD, AffiliateWP, SugarCalendar and WP Simple Pay. Whoa! Find out more here:


It's taken a little longer than expected as there were so many updates, but I finally have a brand new version of the Easy WP Guide for you, updated for 5.8. Go grab a copy and see what's new!


In case you missed it this week, Paul Lacey, Roc Cairns and myself talked through the WordPress new on 'This Week in WordPress #177'

In case you missed (This Week in WordPress) #175 this week with Michelle Frechette, Tim Nash and Nathan Wrigley... Here it is...

One year ago, we were debating the need for dedicated apps or in in-browser WordPress webpage design: 194 – Static design v in-browser design:

One year ago I was chatting with Paul Charlton about YouTube... 193 – Helping people to learn WordPress on YouTube

In case you missed it earlier this week: This Week in WordPress #174, with Brian Gardner, Paul Lacey and Nathan Wrigley.

One year ago it was about AT-AT's and the rebel alliance... wait, no, WordPress rivals > 192 – WordPress V other blogging platforms:

A year ago it was all about the maps...! 191 – If you need maps on your WordPress website, MapsMarker has you covered

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