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Have you ever wanted to show your product images on the checkout page? It's only 7 lines of custom code!

WooCommerce: Show Product Images at Checkout Page buff.ly/3kEKlqi @rmelogli@twitter.com

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In case you missed it earlier this week... This Week in WordPress #179 ▸ bit.ly/3CvV6kT

248 – How Gravity Hopper will take care of all your Gravity Forms

So on the podcast today we have Joshua Vandercar from Gravity Hopper which is a plug that allows you to have a central dashboard for all your Gravity Forms. Joshua is employed by Roc…

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Good coverage here from @pollyplummer@twitter.com on the recent Sandhills acquisition 👏

More than just the a back-slapping piece typical for deals like this - covering the real issues that happen when you quickly merge a smaller team into a larger one, which have different company cultures twitter.com/wptavern/status/14

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Six months ago we were droning on about Gutenberg. I wonder what's changed? ‘G’ is for Gutenberg > bit.ly/3lQIn59

You heard it here 4th, maybe 9th, who cares, this is HUGE news Sandhills Development are joining Awesome Motive. So that's EDD, AffiliateWP, SugarCalendar and WP Simple Pay. Whoa! Find out more here: affiliatewp.com/affiliatewp-is

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We are hiring full-remote (EU only) developers to join @patchstack@twitter.com full-time! Do you want to contribute to cyber security and make the web safer? That could be a perfect chance! 👇🏻

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Oh no it isn't. Oh yes it is. I won't go on...

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British humour is a wonderful thing.

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This Week in WordPress #179

This week's WordPress news for the week commencing 13th October 2021 bit.ly/3lMCJkS

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It's taken a little longer than expected as there were so many updates, but I finally have a brand new version of the Easy WP Guide for you, updated for 5.8. Go grab a copy and see what's new! easywpguide.com/2021/09/easy-w

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We're back after the summer break! Sep.30 from 18:30 BST featuring:

★ @coolfields@twitter.com - A Live Accessibility Review

★ Anne McCarthy, @wpbuilds@twitter.com & You - Full Site Editing - A Round Table

We're talking and , register today for free meetup.com/London-WordPress/ev

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247 – ‘T’ is for Themes

WordPress themes are crucial, you have to have one, but will they continue to be so in an era of Full Site Editing? We talk on the podcast today about the WordPress themes that we've used over the years. Starting out by bein…

@gabek that's something that I used to do as a kid, with rubbish audio and just my mates. Listen to an entire album, total silence, then critique.

I used @GeneratePress@twitter.com today with @GenerateBlocks@twitter.com and I've got to say that it was marvellous! Very easy to understand when coupled with @mikeoliver_me@twitter.com and his tutorials!

@iain Yeah, for me it's about gathering a community (or being in another community) where people are of the same mind. That community is for that things / topic. Not the FB model where it tries to be a community for all-the-things.

@iain I really like the idea of this solution as well as Mastadon. I love the whole federated concept.

This Week in WordPress #178

This week's WordPress news for the week commencing 6th September 2021 bit.ly/2Xg68LQ

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