@kev I suspected that these would be your thoughts. I've been very careful to say nothing I might regret online (that I know of at least), but I get your point. I've tried to educate my children to do the same. Does The Internet Archive still keep it all though?

@kev I'm curious, what's your reasoning for wanting to delete old toots? I can imagine many scenarios where people wished they'd had this, but what the reasoning in your specific case?

@rubenwardy @kev I really like the Tusky app, thus far, it's the best one that I've found.

@elliot If I forget to reply, don't think badly of me, just pester me!!!!

@elliot Don't hold your breath! We're gonna need a miracle for that to happen... So share this like crazy!

@elliot it's pretty quiet here right now, so if you think of a way to warm it up... Let me know!

@derin Nice to meet you too. It's pretty quiet in here, but you never know right!

@lee I'm betting it was exactly the same as the last one!

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