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Sooooo many mentions for Simple.css over the last few days. Thanks to ask who have shared it!


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Silly, I know, but this year I've found I'm more excited about and publishing on the open web than I've ever been. I'm almost giddy with optimism for the year ahead!

@celia I'd highly recommend the GeneratePress theme and GenerateBlocks of you fancy playing around a bit.

262 – Online summits, attendee and speaker expectations

The back story goes like this. I (Nathan) co-host the Page Builder Summit with my friend Anchen le Roux. We invite a range of speakers to come onto that podcast and create presentations which,…

WP Builds UI / UX show IS BACK next week! Piccia Neri and I will be hosting a LIVE show, Tues 25th Jan. She’ll cast her expert eye on a few sites. You can find more here: bit.ly/3Gx55ca & get your site on the show here: bit.ly/328qauu

@kev I love this. Amazing how it's getting picked up! Wonderful.

This Week in WordPress #192

This week's WordPress news for the week commencing Monday 10th January 2022 bit.ly/350v51P

6 months ago was all about Patchstack... 239 – Use Patchstack to keep your WordPress website safe

WordFest 2022 is now open for registrations. This is an excellent event. Get your virtual ticket locked down bit.ly/32aigRu. Well done to the whole team for getting this up and running once more and thanks to @GoDaddyPro@twitter.com and @weglot@twitter.com for stepping up as Global Sponsors!

WP Builds has just started streaming LIVE. Please join us for some for some WordPress goodness on our LIVE page at - wpbuilds.com/live - See you there!

Come and join us for another WP Builds LIVE in an hour — 2pm UK time.
With: @renewabelle@twitter.com @idavinder@twitter.com @bethannon@twitter.com @wpbuilds@twitter.com.
Featuring: @Extendify@twitter.com @mor10@twitter.com @piccia@twitter.com @justintadlock@twitter.com @pollyplummer@twitter.com @mkaz@twitter.com @TwistWork@twitter.com @harishanker@twitter.com @schutzsmith@twitter.com @photomatt@twitter.com

We're rebooting the WP Builds UI / UX show LIVE next week with @Piccia@twitter.com. You can find out more here: bit.ly/3Gx55ca and book your site in here: wpbuilds.com/ui/. Hope to see you there!

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Sharing News And Resources With Clients Through Their WordPress Dashboard youtu.be/KQSJ3O5gYbA via @YouTube@twitter.com

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261 – Getting a brief and scoping the project. WordPress Business Bootcamp – Series 1 / Episode 3

Welcome to another in the WordPress Business Bootcamp series. It’s the series where we relearn everything we know about building WordPress sites and r…

This Week in WordPress #191

This week's WordPress news for the week commencing 3rd January 2022 bit.ly/3GhRfdI

Six months ago we were droning on about Open Source... What are companies actually acquiring within Open Source? bit.ly/3xUbDNy

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