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Sneek Peek at something happening next week at the (free to attend) Page Builder Summit. What Candy Phelps will teach you…

Six months ago... 259 – How do we know what to charge? WordPress Business Bootcamp – Series 1 / Episode 2:

This Week in WordPress #213

The WordPress news from the last week which commenced Monday 6th June 2022.

I guess what I'm saying is that if you're in a great location and it looks cool, absorb that and enjoy it. Don't waste your time trying to frame a shot for the perfect social media image. The moment will pass and it's only you who really knew how special it was.

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If you're doing things FOR social media, I suspect that you're missing out on the FUN of it. I see so many contrived posts, that appear staged, but were close to 90% of being fun, if they realised that the point was not how many clicks they got, but how much fun they were having!

One year ago we featured the Infinite Uploads plugin... 233 – Store your Media Library in the cloud with the Infinite Uploads plugin

Join us in an hour for another This Week in WordPress. show as we chat about the News.
Join Nathan Wrigley, Michelle Frechette, Anchen le Roux, Marcus Burnette and Matt Cromwell.

I saw Vito Peleg from this weekend at WCEU and he mentioned Atarim can now be used for free. They also released an option to collaborate visually on any website with just the URL. You can try it out by adding a URL here:

282 – Put dynamic content on your website with the If-So plugin

DEAL ALERT - there's a deal mentioned in the podcast - do NOT miss out on this one, as it's truly fabulous, not only in what you get, but in the way that you get it! It's running until…


On the podcast today we have Remkus de Vries. He's one of the founders of WordCamp Europe an we talk about how this, the 10th event compares to the first event. What's changed, how important are such events for the community? Go listen...



Page Builders Summit is coming up 20th through 24th June 2022! And...I’m one of the speakers! I’ll be talking about Mobile Design - but for everyone...small steps. And hey, why is my head being resized, it's already big enough. Hope to see you there xxx


I’m not usually one to tease, but I’ve got something really fun happening tomorrow in the podcast. It’s a GREAT deal on a plugin, but you’re going to have to work (a tiny bit) to make it happen. The fun reveals the power of the plugin too! Listen 2pm UK 9th June 2022. Stay tuned!

#29 – Remkus De Vries on How WordCamp Europe Got Started

On the podcast today we have Remkus de Vries.

Remkus is kicking off what might be described as a  mini series on the Jukebox podcast.

Last week almost 3,000 WordPressers from all over t…

Elementor buys Strattic. I just saw the news that Elementor have bought Strattic, a headless WordPress host. That’s quite an interesting move for a Page Builder. I’m curious to see where this leads! Congrats to, and

Six months ago we featured a new plugin, did it thrive...? 258 – Tired of WooCommerce? Try North Commerce. Check it out >

This Week in WordPress #212

The WordPress news from the last week which commenced Monday 30th May 2022.

WP Builds has just started streaming LIVE. Please join us for some for some goodness on our LIVE page at - - See you there!

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